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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Sell Scentsy Candles from Home

Becoming an independent consultant with Scentsy is a very rewarding opportunity. You will have the pleasure of sharing a wonderful product with your friends and neighbors, as well as making money on the side. The income potential is unlimited. If you are interested in becoming an independent consultant please contact me and I can explain how easy it is to do. Don't forget to ask me about the Scent and Warmer of the Month.

Quality Wickless Candles

Scentsy strives to create Unique Wickless Candles that are Attractive, High Quality and fun. Scentsy is so sure of there Products that they offer a 30 Day Money Back Scentsy Guarantee and a Lifetime Warranty against manufacturer's defects. So you take no risk when you Buy Scentsy Candles.
Scentsy Warmers are designed by Scentsy, and manufactured to exact specifications by our manufacturing partner. Scentsy then ships the orders in Bulk to Scentsy Distribution areas where Scentsy then Hand packs EVERY order and makes sure every order arrives at it's destination in a timely manner. When you Buy Scentsy Candles your not just buying the product, your receiving Amazing Customer service from People that really care.

Why Scentsy?


If this is your first introduction to Scentsy, trust me, you will soon LOVE them for their safety and the peace of mind they provide. You will LOVE them for their long-lasting fragrance and incredible value. They truly are the hottest new thing in candles.
Scentsy warmers are SAFE to use around kids and pets. Don't just take my Word for it read This Artcle to Learn why Wickless Candles are the Safer Choice. The wax is warmed by a 25 watt light bulb (15 watt for the plug in warmer). That's right, Flameless! No more worries the cat or kiddos might knock it over or those second thoughts trying to remember if you blew out the candle. The exclusive Scentsy wax also has a melting point of just above normal body temperature so the melted wax will not burn. No Flame. No Wick. No Soot. No Worries.
The safety aspect sold me at first, and then I saw the beautiful candle warmers and smelled the 80 fantastic fragrances that Scentsy carries. Scentsy only adds the finest scented oils to their wickless wax candles. The aroma released is amazing. Scentsy wax candles will out perform your most expensive flamed candle at a fraction of the price. Scentsy also has car candles and room sprays, so you can take your favorite Scentsy scent with you where ever you go.